Give Time

Our volunteers are the pulse of Saturday Place. They order the lunches, coordinate the buses, chaperone the field trips, and erase the chalkboards.

Whether you have an hour or an afternoon to spare, you can help. Here are some ways to get involved.

Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator drafts the Saturday Place quarterly newsletter, coordinates marketing activities, and assists with other communication pieces for Saturday Place.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant helps Saturday Place update mailing lists, clean-up files, and keep the program running smoothly behind the scenes.

Saturday Place Program Volunteer

Saturday Place Program Volunteers act as friendly, familiar faces to our students. They give their time on Saturdays (8:30am-1:30pm) at least once a month. Activities include setting-up breakfast and lunch for the students, providing extra support in the classroom, and chaperoning the occasional field trip.

Field Trip Chaperone

Field Trip Chaperones are welcome to volunteer at any time throughout the year. You can volunteer to chaperone one, or several field trips, and be a part of enriched education outside of the classroom.


Have teaching experience? You’ll fit right in. If you’re a teacher in the Greater Chicago Area, an active role model, and are unafraid to take creative risks in the classroom, consider Saturday Place. Our program allows teachers to push the envelope with innovative teaching methods, positive behavior intervention support, and literacy-based field trips to bring life to the classroom that these students have yet to experience. And the influence our teachers have on our students shows in their behavior, in their grades, and on their faces.